Top Women’s Volleyball Team Bested By No. 15 Michigan State


This past week saw the No. 1 Penn State Nittany Lions fail to capture the opener, thanks to the No. 15 Michigan State Spartans’ efforts in claiming the five-set game. The tough five-set battle eventually went to Michigan State, No.15 in the all-time Women’s volleyball rankings for the season opener.


Penn State’s Megan Courtney earned her second double-double of the current season, gaining a career-high of 15 kills and 14 digs. Micha Hancock earned herself nine kills while handling 57 total assists. Senior Ariel Scott led the team with her season-high 18 kills, eight digs and five block, one of which was a solo block.


Another senior player, Katie Slay, also hit a record of double-digits with 11 kills, leading the team with a best of six blocks, with two solo stuffs. Senior Deja McClendon eventually tied with the squad-best of 14 digs, in addition to adding an impressive seven kills on a single solo block.


Both Penn State and Michigan State kicked off the opener with an intense point-for-point battle, up until two MSU service errors and another attacking error handed the Nittany Lions an incredibly slim lead of 16-14. Penn State eventually continued to take advantage of Spartan slip-ups, pulling their lead ahead with 20-15.


Michigan State fired back with a 7-3 stretch, punctuating that stretch with a kill by Lauren Wicinski to nearly take the one-point lead by 22-21. After that, they eventually finished the set with a 4-1 run, taking the lead 25-23.


Into the second set, both sides were tied 9-all until Penn State pulled away by two points to take the lead to 12-10, following another Michigan State attacking error. Following a forced MSU timeout by the Nittany Lions, Penn State used their open opportunity to grab a 3-1 spurt to move ahead 23-19, before the MSU Spartans came back with a kill and two blocks to turn it 23-22.


Michigan State eventually grabbed set two with 26-24, following two attacking errors from Penn State’s side. The third set started with a Penn State 4-0 run that, with efforts including a kill from Courtney, went up 6-2.


They managed to keep control over the lead for the remainder of the third set, securing a 25-19 win. Set four started with Penn State trailing one at 5-4, doubling that to 8-6 following kills from player McClendon and an ace from Courtney. The set ended, following Penn State’s determination to keep their set up, scoring their 25-19 win into the fifth set.


Michigan State, however, took advantage of several Penn State attacking errors that eventually caused them to take the set and the match, 15-9.

Volleyball News


Concordia-St Paul Defeats Minnesota-Duluth in a battle of the nation’s best


In a high energy bout between what are known as the top two teams in the entire country, Concordia – St Paul came out victorious over Minnesota-Duluth. Concordia, which was ranked number 2 for some time behind Minnesota, now sits squarely at the top of the line as the number one team in the country. The two teams traded some very heavy blows, with points wavering wildly with other set until eventually the match was completely awarded to Concordia, whose energy and tight concentration gave them the edge in the fourth set.


Ohio State Overpowers No. 10


Ohio State is able to maintain its currently unbeaten season status with the defeat of No. 10 Michigan. In a 3-1victory against their rivals on Friday night, before 4500 fans, the Buckeyes showed no sign of slowing down from their steamroll of a seasonal campaign. There were match bests and career highs all around the team to be reported after the game had concluded, showing that whatever mojo has kept the team undefeated so far is definitely not dwindling. There was some mild back and forth before Ohio managed to pinch the win with a kill that set the final score at 25-22.


No. 7 Eagles blank No. 19 Christopher Newport in three-set victory


After defeating No. 19 Christopher Newport in the opening match of its CNU Invitational, Juniata has shot up to 14-0. Juniata scored an impressive 14 kills and 12 digs, making it her fourth double-double of the entire year so far. While floundering a little bit in the first set, in the second set, some mild changes in strategy allowed Juniata to shoot up to a slight lead and clinch the win in the end. Freshman Kelly Reynolds was at the crest of the victory with 36 assists, her match high.


Penn State falls to Michigan State


Even though Penn State’s Micha Hancock and Megan Courtney put forth career-high efforts, they were ultimately unable to save their team from losing a five-set skirmish  to Michigan state. Countney was able to hit her second double-double all season while Hancock was able to nail 9 kills, but ultimately, two MSU service errors and an attacking error gave the Spartans just the lead they needed to take home the win happily. It was Slay of the Spartans that set the definitive kill that gave her team the one point lead it needed to ultimately take home the win in the end.

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